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You’re in search to work more productive and stay organized in your digital note-taking.

While working from home, it’s a very realistic scenario to manage a fast-paced workload, a lane of professional development, and some personal passion projects.

Who used a Palm Pilot growing up, or remembers someone who did? Seriously, If you still have one of these, post a picture in my Discord or leave a comment below!

Like the scholars of our past, I’ve been writing things down since the beginning of my time on earth. My only regret is that I didn’t keep track of my note-taking better in the past.

I’m here to help you avoid that mistake so you can start organizing your thoughts and documenting areas of knowledge, both personally and professionally.

Most people think their lives are too complex to conform to any sort of note-taking system, and they end up giving up or over thinking the process, and then ultimately fail. I have developed 7 categories that support a useful knowledge database.

Other terms and expressions for a knowledge database can be a:

  • Personal wiki
  • Life OS
  • Second brain

There are other knowledge database systems such as PPV or PARA, but they require a learning curve that not everyone is interested in.

The Last Note Taking Categories You’ll Ever Need

Before we get into this here, I want to set the tone real quick. You have to learn to enjoy the process of documenting and creating to get the full benefit from developing a knowledge database. It might be boring or even a struggle to get into a groove, but that immediately goes away the moment your system saves your butt from forgetting something super important!

The software and tools I’ve been using

David Allen

The blow categories are displayed as:

[category title]


  • sub-category
  • sub-category
  • sub-category

1. Learning

Plain and simple, anything you learn goes here. I like subcategories for an additional layer of organization and below you’ll find a few of mine. Still, I encourage you to add your own for specific personal/professional development areas of learning.

Side note: For professional development, even if you attended a webinar to learn something for your work, or read a book on interior design to improve the flow of your living space, I highly recommend you consolidate the notes from everything you learn into one central database.

  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Courses

2. Travel

As life goes on, you will want to remember those premiums camping spots in the mountains or memorable cafes on road trips.

  • Vacations
  • Resorts
  • Camping
  • Hikes
  • Bike maps

3. Content Production

Any content you plan to produce, blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, courses or guides, etc., goes here. These five basic sub-categories are an excellent starting point.

  • Personal blogs
  • Resources
  • Guides
  • Videos
  • Social

4. Family and Friends

Use your Google Assistant (or equivalent) to keep track of quick reminders. But, if you are planning a party for someone or need to write special care information down for a loved one, those notes go here.

5. Home

It doesn’t matter if you rent or have a mortgage, live in a house or a high-rise; there are things to keep track of if you intend to be a reasonable property dweller.

  • Property info
  • Projects

6. Health and Fitness

A pretty straight forward category here, but not any less important. I will save kettlebell routines here, smoothie recipes, favourite teas, etc. You can find third-party programs online to even sync your fitness watch data with a notebook, but I don’t currently do this.

  • Recipes
  • Workouts
  • Supplements
  • Meditation

7. Personal Admin

Everything that portrays to you and your personal life goes here.

  • Routines
  • Goals
  • Inspiration
  • Finance
  • Journal

Note Taking for Personal and Professional Use

When you start using my top list of top note-taking categories, you will quickly see the ease of my system. After a few short months, you will begin reaping the benefits, and you’ll never go back. I am actually very serious, everything from backyard projects to your computer accessory wish list lives in these categories, and as long as you have access to the internet, you’ll never lose the notebook.

What About Customization?


In fact, there are 10 categories I can introduce you to, but the last 3 require some personalized modelling to use at its max potential.

I can coach you.

I can also share cool apps and strategies that can help manage personal projects, organize files on your computer, and completely change the way you work.

Schedule a discovery chat. Care for a tea over Discord?

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